Report A Fault

We try our best to resolve problems within 24 hrs, but of course if you can solve the problem yourself within 2 minutes everyone’s a winner!

Therefore we have provided the below information on soft drink faults.

If after this, you are still experiencing a problem (or your issue is on our gas equipment) please fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page and click ‘report’.

Please feel free to contact us on 01566 775000 with any problems you may be experiencing. Our office hours are Monday – Friday 8.30am-5pm .We do have engineers on call at the weekend so call us at anytime and we will endeavor to help.


In the event of a fault on equipment NOT owned by CP Nitro, please call your brewery - you may be able to find their number on our list of useful numbers for customers.

In nearly all cases, this is because the Carbonator has cut out. Some machines have a reset button and a small red led light. If the machine has cut out, this light will be on. Press the reset and the machine should burst into life. If there is no reset button or light, just unplug the unit for 5 seconds, plug back in and it should start straight away. The machine will run for about 20 seconds and then should cut off. In the bar, pull off soda water from the gun, it will take a few seconds for the water to come through, and initially it will be spitting but should settle to a steady flow quite quickly. ONLY KEEP YOUR FINGER ON THE BUTTON FOR TEN SECONDS AT A TIME. Pour for ten, wait ten, pour for ten, wait ten, etc etc. If you continuously pour, the machine will cut off again. Once the soda is pouring continuously, the machine is fully reset.
The whole system is run by CO2 Pressure, if nothing at all is coming out of the gun, then almost certainly this is going to be a gas problem. Please check that you haven’t just run out of gas. If in doubt, change cylinders and check again
This can be a case of your CO2 gas running out and worth checking, but more likely that the syrup box is empty. Just change syrup box and all should be good.
Obviously, this is a cooling problem and if drinks become warm the CO2 will boil out of solution and the drinks become flat. A bit like leaving a bottle of fizz out of the fridge with the lid off. Check that the cooler is switched on and the recirculation pump is running (a switch on the cooler) If you do not have a cooler specifically for your soft drinks, then you will have a separate cooling pump on the wall near the beer remote. This should be switched on and the two pipes connected should be cold.
CO2 can leak from a multitude of places so here are just the common ones. Cylinder leaking is generally either gas coupler not tight or washer missing If you can hear a pst pst pst noise coming from near the postmix rack it will be a gas pump running. This is normally where a syrup box has run out and needs changing. If the CO2 cylinder is freezing up at the bottom, this indicates that gas is leaking out fast. Turn off your cellar cooling and listen for hissing. Always a giveaway sign of leaks. If you can’t trace the leak, turn the gas cylinder off, you won’t be able to use the system but at least you won’t have also wasted all the CO2.
This may be a cooling problem, are the drinks warm, see above fault for warm drinks. When the syrup outlets in the nozzle of the gun get clogged, the drinks will be more frothy than usual. Clean the gun in warm water and pay particular attention to the holes where syrup comes out. Try and keep these clean by brushing in the holes with a washing up type of brush