Low Gas Alert

The all new CP Nitro Gas Alert System.

After two years of design and development the new Alert Systems are ready available, and this is how it works.

The purpose of this system is to flag when your gas cylinder needs changing and allow time to make a change of cylinder without affecting the quality of either his beer or soft drinks. It transmits a signal from the cellar to a small unit under the bar. Once the cylinder is changed the system resets itself.


  • The machine is installed alongside our Gas Management, Blender, or Generator systems and is connected to both Primary Gas lines.
  • As the pressure in the cylinder drops towards the systems working pressure an alarm is triggered.
  • . This alarm also sounds on a remote station sighted under the bar with a much smaller alarm and flashing LED.


  • Although the pressure is dropping, at the time of alert, it is still at a level where both the Beer and Soft Drink pressures remain at normal levels, and thus the quality of the products remains unaffected. As long as the gas is switched to a new cylinder without delay, the soft drinks won't become flat and the beer will stay lively and at correct flow rate.
  • As soon as the empty cylinder is switched to a new one, the gas alert resets itself to show all is well.