Gas Management

This is our Company’s simplest form of gas control, designed for the Customer who only needs one or two beer gases, normally CO2 and 30/70 (30% CO2 and 70% Nitrogen).

The Customer pays a fixed fee per month for gas supply based on past usage over a six month period.

In general, a new Customer switching to CP Nitro, will beĀ savingĀ at least 10% off their current bill, and this discounted price will be held for at least one year from start of contract.

the benefits

  • The Customer can budget accurately with the knowledge that his monthly bill is stable for a 12 month period.
  • Should there be a major gas leak at the premises, CP Nitro will replace all the gases associated with this leak without any increase to this monthly figure.
  • CP Nitro make it very fast, easy and safe to bring another gas cylinder on line. Particularly important when expecting staff to regularly carry out this task.
  • The outlet benefits from the installation of an up to date gas system which is both easy to operate and improves the health and safety aspect associated with cylinder changing.

what changes?

Depending on the type of outlet, our Technician will decide on the most appropriate gas regulation requirements and will be on site to make the necessary changes at the start of the contract.

  • Normally this includes the Primary CO2 Regulator being upgraded to a high-pressure twin system with a changeover valve linking two CO2 regulators in the cellar.

  • If required, a separate feed of 80psi is taken to the post-mix soft drink unit. This alleviates the need for a separate CO2 cylinder that normally provides all the pressures associated with the soft drink system.
  • The same changes will be applied to any other gas regulation equipment on the premises