Gas Generator

This is the solution for our much bigger gas users.

The gas generator extracts nitrogen from the atmosphere and stores it until required. It then blends with CO2 to provide all of your cellar gas mixtures.

The stored nitrogen also provides the energy force for all of your gas pumps, including cleaning main pumps.

Customers of this size will already be paying a minimum of circa £150.00 per month for their System / Gas supply, and because of their large throughputs, our intentions here are to provide the most efficient and safe method of getting beer up to the bar and on to the point of dispense.

the benefits

  • High performance compressor eliminates the need for more than one reserve storage tank
  • Should there be a major gas leak at the premises, CP Nitro will replace all CO2 associated with this leak without any increase to this monthly figure.
  • Improved quality - correct gas mixture to ensure products dispense to a high standard.
  • An alarm sounds if you need to change your C02 cylinder, highlights the lack of nitrogen (normally due to a leak in the cellar) or if it overheats All other gas regulator equipment removed and left on site for brewery collection

what changes?

Depending on the type of outlet, our Technician will decide on the most appropriate gas regulation requirements and will be on site to make the necessary changes at the start of the contract.

  • Normally this includes the Primary CO2 Regulator being upgraded to a high-pressure twin system with a changeover valve linking the two CO2 regulators in the cellar.
  • If required, a separate feed of 80psi is taken to the post-mix soft drink unit. This alleviates the need for a separate CO2 cylinder that normally provides all the pressures associated with the soft drink system.