Gas Alarm

One of the most concerning areas in our industry is that of CO2 leaks in licenced premises.

A rise of just 3% volume can cause breathing difficulties
A rise of 15% volume can cause death within minutes

CO2 leaks can cause asphyxiation, and as a product that is invisible with little or no smell or taste, it is important when sending staff into areas where gas is kept, that that area is safe to access.

This is especially important in a licenced Sports or Social Club, where a Committee is responsible for the health and safety of all the Staff, but are not always readily available to advise.


  • The alarm system is fitted by our own Technicians and constantly monitors the air quality in the area fitted (normally the cellar), and if the levels of CO2 start to rise, will go into alert mode with both a light and sound alarm.
  • It is the Licensee’s responsibility to vent the cellar following any alarm and should report the leak to their brewery.