A blending unit is installed and fed by CO2 and 30/70 (30% CO2 and 70% Nitrogen). The two gases are mixed together to provide a third gas, normally 60/40. (60% CO2, 40% Nitrogen).

The Customer pays a fixed fee per month for gas supply based on past usage over a six month period.

the benefits

  • The Customer can budget accurately with the knowledge that his monthly bill is stable for a 12 month period.
  • Should there be a major gas leak at the premises, CP Nitro will replace all the gases associated with this leak without any increase to this monthly figure.
  • The outlet benefits from the installation of an up to date gas system which is both easy to operate and improves the health and safety aspect associated with cylinder changing.
  • This system makes it extremely easy to perform weekly checks for leaks.

what changes?

In general, a new Customer switching to CP Nitro, will be better off by at least 10%, and this discounted price will be held for at least one year from start of contract.

  • The installation includes the current Primary CO2 Regulator being upgraded to a high-pressure twin system with a changeover valve linking the two CO2 regulators together.
  • If required, a separate feed of 80psi is taken to the post-mix soft drink unit. This alleviates the need for a separate CO2 cylinder that normally provides all the pressures associated with the soft drink system.
  • We will also change the 30/70 regulator for the new twin system. This will remain at the normal low pressure, but will have a changeover valve