Cellar Management

CP Nitro has a variety of packages available to dispense all of your beverages and clean your lines. Each package comes installation, staff training, fixed monthly cost and technical support 7 days a week.


Our gas management is set up so that you can easily change over to a new bottle of gas using our simple changeover switch.

We install new gas regulators with contents gauges, making it faster and easier to check your gas!

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The CP Nitro blender reliably provides CO2, 60/40 and 30/70.

It has proven technology in blending two gas mixes to make a third, meaning less bottles stored.

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This is for the bigger users! Our gas generators extract nitrogen from the atmosphere and stores it until it’s required.

This then blends with CO2 to provide all of your cellar gas mixes. The stored nitrogen also provides the energy force for all you gas pumps.

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The cellar safe alarm will constantly monitor the presence of CO2, It can be situated in any location where there is a risk of asphyxiation.

The alarm sounds when there is an unsafe level of hazardous CO2 gas, alerting staff.

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The beer line cleaning system we provide makes line cleaning easy, safe and cheap.

The main benefits also include no wastage, safer (no manual mixing of detergents) and is compatible with all detergents.

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